Bavaria Sailing


Taking the Thrill of Sailing to a Whole New Level with Bavaria Sailboats!

If you want comfort, functionality, and safety, German-made Bavaria Sailboats provide you all. Each of our sailboats was designed by award-winning studios like Farr Design and Cossutti Design, and built under German construction standards. This strong construction made Bavaria Sailboats very durable and the number one choice of charter comp0anies around the world.

Performance Yacht Sales, the US dealer of Bavaria Sailboats

  • The New C-Line:

The C Line is the new Performance-Cruisers from Bavaria, featuring innovative design, revolutionary construction engineering, and technology. They range from 42 ft to 57 ft and feature many innovations like the new Vessel Management System from Bavaria, that make the line best in its class.

The Bavaria C42,  C45 and C50 are available in the luxurious Style package.

  • Cruiser Line

The Cruiser Line has been the most Popular Bavaria Sailboats trough the years. The line starts with the “Boat of the Year winner” Cruiser 34, the Cruiser 37 and the Cruiser 41.

  • Vision Line

This Award Winning Vision line that includes the Vision 42 and Vision 46 design by Farr Design, has been one of the most sold boats in the USA through the years, because of it’s trendy design and features.

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