Bavaria Sailing


The Bavaria nee C line of sailboats feature the latest advances in sailboat construction, and feature a range that include a 45 Ft, a 59 ft, a 57 ft and the 65 ft flagship. All Bavaria Sailboats are designed by the award winner studio of Maurizio Cossutti.

Bavaria Sailboats have a worldwide reputation of being strong boats, safe on high seas and well-constructed. This reputation was obtained because Bavaria uses the highest German constructions standards. Bavaria sailboats are the number one brand used by charter companies worldwide because of their durability, and because they maintain the initial quality for decades.

All sailboats hulls are constructed using a vacuum infusion process, a state of the art method that obtains light and rigid hulls, that can achieve amazing upwind performances. All Bavaria Sailboats include the option of self-tacking jibs or Jib karts, and bowsprits are an upgrade option. The new Ambition version of the C line features many extra performance upgrades, taller masts and bigger sail area.

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